Big City Life – Mattafix

First and foremost, I must apologise for my lack of posts over the last few months – the blame for which lies entirely with my internet provider!


For the sake of this post, I urge you to cast your mind back to 2005. Tony Blair was still the Prime Minister of Britain, there was no such thing as an Iphone, and most importantly….. we were still living in a Twilight free world!


It was also the year in which UK Hip-Hop duo Mattafix released their debut single ‘Big City Life’. A one hit wonder which, despite having incredible success in Europe, was unable to kickstart any momentum for the band. Who cares though – this song is brilliant and will continue to be brilliant for many years to come!


James Blake – Retrograde (Finn Pilly Edit)

For producers and DJ’s bent on remixing and editing, artists like James Blake are incredibly hard to resist. Sure enough, following the announcement of Blake’s second full length album ‘Overgrown’, which is set for release on April 8th, bootlegs and remixes are materialising on the internet thick and fast. In my mind however, none are as good as Norwegian based house producer Finnebassen’s take on Retrograde!


I have said it before, and I will say it again; I admire a remix that remains loyal to the original track. Often we find now, especially with Dubstep producers, that remixes and edits simply use a hook or a chorus line from a song to carry the remix, with no effort to integrate the rest of the original. Finnebassen (using his pseudonym Finn Pilly) has created a remix that retains the distinct vocals of James Blake, whilst gently integrating a downtempo deep house baseline, offering us a masterclass in creating a edit which protects the dignity of the original. Despite being almost nine minutes in length, it’s patient melodic progression and hypnotic chorus did what any good deep house track should – left me craving more . Make sure to get your free download – you will not regret it!

Bastille Feat. Ella – No Angels

My attention was first drawn to Bastille at the beginning of 2012 following their cover of City High’s ‘What Would You Do’. However, subsequently they slipped off my radar. 2013 has seen Bastille explode onto the scene so fast that I am sure front man Dan Smith is still trying to stop his head spinning. A sell out UK tour, coupled with the release of their debut album Bad Blood hitting the top spot in the album chart, there seems no end to the success of this band.


No Angles is a mash up of Angels by the XX and TLC’s No Scrubs and features on the album Other People’s Heartache Pt. 2, and, in short, is utterly brilliant. Flawless vocals that we have come to expect from Dan Smith are married with the beautiful laments of newcomer Ella Eyre. A great take on a song that is going to shake people with nostalgia whilst taking enough artistic license to lace the track with Bastille’s sound.

Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton – Freedom (Kool & Kabul Edit)

Remixing a fantastic song from a brilliant movie is incredibly hard to do! You find yourself having to please both the die-hard movie fans as well as the musical purists…. Kool & Kabul have pulled this of with expert finesse.


Kool & Kabul are a Deep house DJ duo based in Munich and have already made a splash in the EDM scene with their take on Klangkarussell’s Smoothie. Reminiscent of Paul Kalkbrenner, K&K will be a name well worth looking out for in 2013.

What I like most about this track is that K&K have retained the dignity and feel of the original, whilst cleverly incorporating the elements that converts it into the deep house banger that it is.

Great work guys, keep it up!

Emancipator – Minor Cause

Emancipator is back!!!!!! Does he disappoint…. silly question!


Minor Cause is the first single to be released from Doug Appling 3rd full length album ‘Dusk To Dawn’, which is set for release on the 29th of this month. The record drops on Appling’s brand new label Loci Records, which promises to seek out artists and producers similar to his instrumental hip-hop and electronica that we have grown to love.

Emancipator doesn’t make bad music, this is a fact that people just have to get used to, and this is no exception. A tune that drips with melodic brilliance, whilst never distancing itself from Appling’s trade mark style.

Listen. Love. And if you haven’t heard of Emancipator before…. thank me later!

Pim Stones – We Have It All

Do you know why youtube is so good? Because hidden amongst cats swinging from ceiling fans and other such brilliance there are artists such as Pim Stones – That’s why! With only two songs uploaded, this 20 year old has 150,000 hits, and he definitely deserves them! Seemingly the start of an awesome music career.


He sings with maturity and meaning that does not seem possible of someone so young! ‘We Have It All’ has simple and powerful production and fantastically emotional lyrics. It is just one of those songs that justifies the hours spent on the internet – Pim, I am sure that everyone who listens will agree… Get back in the studio!

For those who liked ‘We Have it All’ – try this!

Last Lynx – Killing Switch

Having never heard of Last Lynx before, the title ‘Killing Switch’ lead me to believe that I was about to endure a death metal styled aural beat down from this Swedish quintet. How wrong I was!

Last Lynx are a young band with one EP under their belt; ‘Alaska’, which was released in 2011. Since then the Stockholm based 5 piece have kept very quiet…. Until this. If this single is a sign of things to come, then things are looking good for 2013. My bias towards Swedish Indie Pop music is further solidified thanks to Last Lynx, and Killing Switch is simply awesome.


If you are not sold on this song in the first 10 seconds then, regrettably, I don’t think we can be friends. The beauty of Swedish music of this genre is that it strays from the obvious (and mundane) path that Indie Pop generally takes, whilst keeping a firm hold of the characteristics that make the genre brilliant. Last Lynx appear to be no exception.

The track is playful, mischievous and cheerful producing a result that is both catchy and easy to listen to. The lyrics seem to be describing some sort of wonderland where Little Rabbit Men and Ladies of the Waterfalls run around ripping out ticking clocks (if you figure this one out, you’re a genius). However, weird lyrics aside this song is cute, catchy and one that you fall in love with after one listen!

Funky Farmers – Captain Flatcap

Now for something funky, fresh, and with some jazz flute that Ron Burgundy would be proud of. This offering comes from Guildford based 3 piece, Captain Flatcap and will be sure to brighten up your Monday.


‘Funky Farmers’ showcases a fusion of instrumental folk, swing  and electronic rhythm, and it works!! The song has a great beat that acts as an undercurrent to the flute and guitar melodies. A nice guitar led breakdown leads to a final funky drop that had me replaying the song instantly. Great work guys – keep it up!

Obedear – Purity Ring

I first heard this track back in April and instantly fell in love with Purity Ring, this love was fortunately justified following the release of their debut album ‘Shrines’ which is brilliant! The Montreal based duo, Corin Roddick and Megan James, have been gaining support ever since they began releasing songs for public pleasure. By combining the best, and darkest aspects of synth pop, Purity Ring have come up with a unique and amazing sound.


What I like most about Roddick and James’ style of music, is their ability to create records with atmosphere and ‘Obedear’ is a fantastic example. A clap and snare beat, synthesised bleeps, and a menacing baseline form the basis to this track and create a perfect playground for James’ vocals. With their single ‘Lofticries’ receiving airtime in the UK, 2013 looks as if it is going to be Purity Ring’s year.

Sweet Nothing (feat. Florence Welch) – Calvin Harris (Diplo and Grand Theft Remix)

After Calvin Harris’ remix of Florence and the Machine’s Spectrum (Say My Name) dominated radio stations and the European charts this summer, it was logical for these two  musical giants to come together once again in melodic matrimony. However, as her first intentional electronic dance music (EDM) single critics were openly skeptical. This cynicism was quickly dismissed as Sweet Nothing shot to the top of the UK singles chart.

Internet rumours started circulating that EDM producing legend and frontman of Mad Decent records Diplo was going to release his take on the track and the hype was certainly not for nothing. Teaming up with Toronto based DJ Grandtheft this single that was officially released this week is nothing short of brilliant!

The remix pulls the focus away from Calvin Harris’ original big beat approach and concentrates on the powerful laments of Florence Welch. The understated and vocal orientated verse intensifies the drop which is successfully loaded with snare and synth beats. For those, like me, who like a mouthwateringly good drop, this one is for you!